Have your floors lost their cleanliness and shine from everyday wear and tear? Renew hardwood floors and restore the luster with a quick clean, buff, and re-coat. Hardwood Floor Buff and Coating is an economical and eco-friendly solution to revitalize your hardwood floors. Without sanding away too much of the wood’s surface, Buff & Coat delays the need for sanding and refinishing for years and protects the beautiful sheen that makes hardwood floors so appealing.

With this process, you can leave for work in the morning and return to finished floors that evening – without toxic fumes or dust. We apply an eco-friendly finish to newly buffed floors. The protective coating will block the harmful UV rays that cause discoloring. We believe you will find that it is an extremely economical solution as well.

Schedule an appointment today.  We recommend a buff and coat in high traffic areas such as kitchens and entryways every 2-3 years.