Fisher Hardwood Flooring specializes in installing the right hardwood floors for your home, aesthetic, and budget. Whether replacing carpet, refinishing an existing hardwood floor, or blending in new hardwoods to match your existing floors, Fisher Hardwood Flooring is the best hardwood floor installation crew in the Triangle. We are committed to outstanding products, craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer service. We install custom site finished hardwood flooring, pre-finished hardwood flooring, and engineered hardwood flooring by both a nail down and glue down process. We work closely with our suppliers to get you the best quality and pricing on all domestic and exotic hardwood flooring options.

When you contact us for an estimate by emailing or calling 919-523-5649, Matt Fisher will personally meet with you to review the best options for your home or business. We discuss the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, the moisture conditions in your home, your sub-floor, the dimensions, and any transitions into staircases or adjoining rooms to determine the best options for your individual project and budget. Once an estimate is approved, the Fisher Flooring Team of experts will take all the proper steps prior, during, and upon completion of your installation to ensure that your floors provide durability, cleanliness, and beauty for decades.

We begin by having the wood delivered to your home prior to installation so that it may acclimate to the moisture conditions of your home.  We inspect the sub-floor to check that it is within industry standards for flatness.  If the sub-floor is found to be uneven, we will sand it down.  We also check the moisture content of the sub-floor and hardwood to make sure that they are within the proper percentage of each other.  If a hardwood floor is installed with too much moisture, or the sub-floor contains too much moisture, the hardwoods will cup or warp soon after they are installed.  During the installation process we “rack” the floor and inspect each individual board to be sure there are no defects or irregularities.  Upon completion of the installation we thoroughly clean the floor and add any finishing touches such as shoe molding or transition strips.

Concerned about fumes or mess? Ask about our dust containment system and green finishing options.

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